• I received a diagnosis from a local garage that my 1997 F150 had lost compression in a cylinder and that a replacement engine was needed. Estimated cost was $5000. I called Jimmy Boyd at Engine Experts based on reviews here and on Yelp and Jimmy said he would give me a second opinion. The result was that the engine needed a coil and plugs. No engine replacement. I was able to pick the truck up in a couple of days and it runs great. Plus they washed it for me! Cannot say enough good things about their professionalism and the work the guys did for me. I am now comfortable that I have found a mechanic for my vehicles that will shoot straight and that is smart enough to diagnose the problem the first time

• I searched for an engine repair specialist and came across Engine Experts. I immediately liked the content of the web site because it said what I was thinking so I called and scheduled a visit to the shop. I must say that I was, like many other customers on this site, blown away by the processes implemented, the quality assurance practiced, and the character of the owner and employees who work there. As I work in process improvement and quality assurance every day, I pick up on those kinds of details and what I saw at Engine Experts gave me an euphoric feeling...like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I jumped in with an engine rebuild just hoping that my instincts were on target...and now I have a car that runs like new and no regrets! It was the most wonderful experience! Not only did Jimmy find an almost new engine with only 2100 miles on it, but the process calls for inspecting and replacing worn parts while the engine is out (with the owner's approval of course) which is exactly what I wanted to happen! My Honda sounds and rides like a new car! As a busy woman, I'm done with car shops that install substandard parts and use inexperienced technicians to get the job done while making you feel like those sounds are all in your head! I can only thank the universe and the reviews posted here for guiding me to my new Car Daddy!!!! I could go on and on...but I think you get the message.

• Have to start off by saying that I don’t take the time to write reviews, good or bad. I just go on my way and either continue to do business with someone or never go back. With that said, Jimmy and his team at Expert Engines were unbelievable. My Jeep Wrangler sat for a month at a very reputable shop in Cary with the final outcome being that I would need to replace the 4.0L motor. I was skeptical and very disappointed to say the least so I read a few great reviews about Expert Engines and gave Jimmy a call. We briefly spoke about my issue and he assured me that they would take a look at it and be honest with the diagnosis. I had the Jeep towed there on Tuesday afternoon. I was given a tour of the shop, introduced to everyone on his team and given a description of their standards on quality and honesty. I was already impressed with Jimmy and his team.

Jimmy asked Johnny to take a break and look at my Jeep while I was still there to see if he could give a quick diagnosis. Remember, the other shop was telling me that I needed a new motor at 4K plus. They opened the hood, pulled the distributor and found that it was not properly aligned or set correctly. They made a few quick adjustments and he started it up. I was floored at how quickly they found the issue and had my Jeep running again. From there I asked that they check everything out and make sure I was safe to get back on the road. Jimmy and his team did a thorough job of repairing and replacing items that I knew about but wasn’t going to worry about. They went ahead and repaired my exhaust leak, transmission mount, my hood latch and more on top of getting it back to perfect running order.

I picked it up this afternoon and had the opportunity to meet a few other customers while I was there. Everyone said the same thing about the professionalism and quality workmanship. They are honest, very reasonable with cost considering the level of expertise you receive and professional.

The bottom line is that I would recommend these guys to anyone. I can honestly say that I have never received better customer service. They know what they’re doing and truly are the experts.

• My 2005 Nissan Altima stopped abruptly, and I had it towed to a local mechanic I've used for years. They said the engine was seized and would have to be replaced, and sent me to Engine Experts. Engine Experts quoted me a fair price to have it replaced, even giving me several different engine options at different price points. I was all ready to pull the trigger when they called me and told me that, in fact, it was just the alternator that had seized and the engine was fine.

Yes, Engine Experts knows what they are doing. Yes, they are customer-focused and friendly. But I would never have been the wiser if they had done the thousands of dollars of work I had signed off on instead of volunteering that the problem could be solved for a few hundred dollars. That shows they have integrity, and that is why I would not hesitate to recommend them or return with my further engine needs.

• If you are thinking about an engine replacement, you owe it to yourself to at least talk to Engine Experts. They do know how to do the job right! Their expertise is not limited to just the heavy stuff - they have demonstrated some of the best trouble shooting skills (a lost art at many shops) I have experienced.

On the two year anniversary of the engine replacement that the Engine Experts team performed on my 2003 Dodge Dakota truck, I want to again say thanks!! I have run this truck for the past two years (about 38,000 miles) and have not touched anything other than change the oil. Jimmy and his Engine Experts team told me what they were going to do and what it was going to cost. They delivered exactly what they said they were going to do and it was cost effective solution – especially compared to some options provided by other repair facilities. I was ready to scrap the truck until I talked with Jimmy and the Engine Experts team.

Considering what had occurred prior to me delivering them a truck with much of the engine in the bed of the truck, the experience was a breath of fresh air. I much appreciated the education Jimmy provided on engine replacements and making me comfortable they knew what they were doing – even with the mess I brought them. After talking to Jimmy, I yanked the truck out of a dealership in an as is condition and had it delivered to Engine Experts. I had a repaired vehicle in about 10 days that has run flawlessly ever since. Jimmy kept me in the loop as to what they found once they had the truck and what options we had on the install of the engine replacement and their costs – that was appreciated. The opportunity to talk directly to the mechanics was also appreciated since I have messed around with motor vehicles much of my life and like to think I understand some of what is going on.

Thanks again Engine Experts!! I will continue to use your services when possible even though I am not local to the Raleigh area Guess it means you will get my tougher challenges. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

Best wishes to the Engine Experts team

• I'm a busy mom of four kids that never take time to write reviews. However, I owe it to the Engine Experts to tell you about our experience. Our 2011 Toyota minivan was making a loud noise for sometime. It finally was due for state inspection and oil change so instead of going to Jimmy Lube, we took it to the dealership for maintenance and to fix the noise. They told us it was the water pump and quoted $2300 to f... view moreix. My husband insisted on getting another estimate and called around. Luckily he was referred to Jimmy Boyd at Engine Experts. He quoted us a price over $1000 less and said to bring the car in. And though tucked back off the street, he's a few blocks from the dealership. To our surprise, Jimmy gave us a full tour of the garage and introduced all his staff. Don't expect to drop your car off an run, because that's not Jimmy's way. To say the garage/managements impressive is an understatement. There are specific area's designated for tasks with the correct lighting, individual carts are used per car to pull parts out, a designated oil change station so you're in/out in no time, and so much more. I was particularly impressed with the organization of the tools - every drill bit in order by size and clean. Why is this important? You know exactly where things are and can work fast. Jimmy explained his philosophy to running the business and what's most important to him --his integrity. He's not about over charging for things not needed and wants you to understand how he runs the shop to make sure it's a good fit on both sides. He's uniquely friendly, talkative, and warm - and prides himself on his honesty (no BS with him). Needless to say, we left the minivan for him to work on. The next morning I got a call to confirm the water pump needed replacement. Though it takes approximately 13 hours of labor, he put two mechanics on it and had it back to me by 3pm. The organization allows the staff to work faster and thus, charge less in labor. When we went to get the car, Jimmy insisted I go and turn it on to make sure it sounded good. It purred like a kitten. The car being thoroughly cleaned was an additional bonus. In the end we saved $1000, but most importantly - we now have a new garage for ALL our car needs. Tire replacement, oil changes, brakes, etc...Jimmy is the guy to work with. Thank you for being a business that prides themselves on their work and their relationship with the customer. You can't ask for more than that.

• I have a 2001 S-10 truck with 235,000 miles on it. Well the engine finally died and left me stranded on the road. Being my own mechanic, I didn't know of any shops who I felt would give me the service I needed. I found Engine Experts by chance on an online search. I liked the website and what they do so I decided to give them a call. I spoke to Jimmy and explained my situation to him. I told him I have been forced in... view more to being my own mechanic due to the disservice most shops around the triangle provide. He told me "I'm an acquired taste, I will not b.s. you. I am honest and do great work." I knew right away that he was a character, in a good way of course. I could hear some of his customers in the background laughing at him. He puts one of his customers on the phone with me and he tells me how great Jimmy and the guys are. He states that he's been a customer for over 11 years and that there is no one else he would go to. Jimmy gets back on the phone and tells me to stop by, meet him and check out the shop. The shop is clean and organized! After an hour we talk some more and we both decide we're a good fit to do business with each other. I told him I think the engine is shot and needs to be replaced. He said "have it towed here and we'll check it out and find out for sure what the problem is". Jimmy calls me back the next day and tells me the engine does need to be replaced. My truck is my primary vehicle and I needed it done quickly. Jimmy not only fits me into their schedule, they repaired the truck within a week! With the engine out of the truck, He calls me so I can meet with him to discuss what needed to be done. We go over what can be reused and what should be replaced. No one does that any more. Most repair shops will repair your vehicle and not even tell you what they did. Having a strong mechanical background, I am impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. My truck runs great! I am a customer for life. If you are in search of a shop that is honest, then look no further! I'm a car guy who "gets it". Many thanks!

• Jimmy is a professional businessman. He has the customers wellbeing in mind when repairs are needed. He strives to come in below the quote and doesn't create unnecessary work to charge the customer. I was referred by a friend for an AC problem. He systematically troubleshot the problem from the least expensive repair. He had to recharge the system 3 times but only charged me for one. Again he came in under the quote.... view more He also replaced the serpentine belt because it needed it. He will take care of your car as it were his own. A good honest mechanic is hard to find, Jimmy and his crew are one of these.

• Jimmy is quite a character who takes some getting used to, but he is 100% HONEST! I did not tell Jimmy that I am very good with engines during my time dealing with him because I wanted to see if he was going to oversell me. An engine swap is too big of a job for me. He and his team will first determine if your vehicle even needs a new engine, then and only then, will they proceed to lay out your options in a very c... view moreost-effective manner. He replaced the engine in my son's 2004 Tacoma. The engine they put in is working great. They don't just drop a working engine from a junkyard in the vehicle. Jimmy has suppliers all over the US and he is very particular about the engine he chooses. When they receive the engine, they take it apart, inspect the living daylights out of it, then clean EVERYTHING. You leave with a warranty. These guys are good to go!

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